About Brian Lockard

Brian Lockard was born and raised in Arizona. He began playing piano at age 5, but soon informed his mom that he was 'overwhelmed' and needed to quit lessons so he could focus instead on baseball. Realizing that he needed an off-season job to complement his athletic career, Brian went back to the piano. During high school, baseball was replaced with basketball, but it wasn't as rewarding as winning local piano competitions. College previews found Brian enrolled as a pre-med student, but the call of the arts was overpowering and he went on to get two degrees in piano performance: a Bachelor's from Northern Arizona University and a Master's from Texas Christian University.

A year later, he decided to leave music 'for good' and went to work for a mortgage broker and a political campaign while contemplating a future in law. Unable to escape the clutches of his piano, Brian instead became the accompanist for local choirs, as well as the Musical Revue at Black Bart's Steakhouse. He then began studying Opera Coaching with the goal of someday working at an opera house in Europe. Serious pursuit of this career forced Brian to face a lifelong phobia—singing. Although Brian had successfully avoided singing from the time he was young, he took a few voice lessons and learned to sing in tune. Meanwhile, his regular gig at Black Bart's expanded his skills in arranging, composition, and improvisation.

And finally--even though his parents never once made him practice--Brian feels that he has become a well-rounded musician.